• 09. - 11. January 2024
  • Messegelände Düsseldorf

Accreditation to PSI 2024

Would you like to report on PSI as a journalist, blogger or photographer?

In our accreditation guidelines you will find out what needs to be observed and what proof of identity is required.

We appreciate your interest and will be happy to answer any questions.

Who can receive a registration?

Press registration for PSI is granted only to journalists and photographers, who

  • visit the trade show for editorial reporting and can proof a relation to subjects of haptic advertising.
  • work on behalf of magazines established in the promotional products industry.
  • report for newspapers, magazines, press agencies, radio, television, online-magazines, blogs, YouTube-Channels.

And who not?

  • Applicants who cannot prove an editorial connection to the topics of the trade show.
  • Applicants who work for public relations, marketing, and advertising departments of publishers and companies.
  • Accompanying persons. 

How can editorial purpose be proved?

Please provide the following proof of journalistic employment:

  • A link to a name article with reference to the current trade show.
  • A link to an imprint of a medium with reference to the current trade show that names you as an editor, permanent editorial staff member or author.
  • the assignment of a full editorial team with reference to the current trade show.

Is a press ID sufficient to prove a journalistic purpose?

No. The organiser Reed Exhibitions Germany reserves the right to ask for journalistic evidences related to haptic advertising, even if applicant was able to prove a journalistic purpose by press ID. 

There is no entitlement to accreditation.

In case of non-fulfillment of the requirements, incompletely filled out applications or missing supporting documents, we reserve the right to reject an application for accreditation without having to give a reason.

What regulations apply to social media

  • The social media channel must be established in the industry.
  • The social media channel is used for editorial reporting through text, photos and / or film.
  • Editorial contributions relevant to the event target group are regularly published on the social media channel in words, pictures and / or film.
  • You have published text, photos and / or films on the event topic by name and regularly on this channel.

Which rules apply on photographers?

  • Taking pictures is permitted for editorial purpose only.
  • Any commercial exploitation beyond journalistic reporting is excluded.
  • The material must not be used to illustrate or advertise other events than PSI.
  • The photographer must ensure that the privacy rights of private individuals are not violated.

Which rules apply on TV / filming teams?

  • PSI allows filming for editorial coverage purposes only.
  • Any commercial exploitation beyond journalistic reporting is excluded.
  • Video recordings from exhibitors are allowed after consultation with PSI.
  • In all reporting, PSI must be mentioned as the organiser.
  • Live broadcasts of PSI events in full or in part are not permitted. Exceptions only with agreement from PSI.
  • Filming the stage program is only permitted to publish in film sequences.
  • The cameraman / the producer must ensure that the privacy rights of private individuals are not violated.

Press accreditation form

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