Journey to the centre of the promotional products universe: PSI 2018 draws visitors from around the world

18 dcembre 2017
Jeder zweite Besucher kommt aus dem Ausland | Jeder zweite Besucher kommt aus dem Ausland

Jeder zweite Besucher kommt aus dem Ausland

A journey halfway around the world to connect international promotional products markets? For promotional products distributors and agency employees from Europe, Africa, Asia and the US, PSI is the first major must-attend event of the new year. One in two visitors travel to the trade show from outside Germany to take home fresh ideas, new contacts and new partnerships for their own markets. Virtually no distance is too far. Travel arrangements for the upcoming show, which will be held in Düsseldorf from 9 to 11 January 2018, are already in full swing in many places.

Baeheon-Lee.jpg“The rapid distribution of new high-quality products on the Korean market is the main reason for us to visit PSI”, says Baeheon Lee, for example. He’s the CEO of Hyosung SP Co and hails from Korea. “But we also hope to introduce Korean products we haven’t been able to find on the European market.” Many of the international PSI visitors are in the same situation as Baeheon Lee. They come not just to get an overview and meet their contacts, they also aim to use their trade show visit to realise a mutual benefit for the European and their home market.Sharif-Mostafizur-Rahman.jpeg Confirming this viewpoint is Sharif Mostafizur Rahman, the owner of Bangladesh-based Corporate Gift World. He’ll make the trip to Düsseldorf for the third time in 2018. “Trends change quickly”, he says. “PSI is full of new ideas. I come to meet my suppliers, find new products and, most valuable of all, to learn about new trends I can the introduce to my market.”

The search for what’s new

Portriat-of-Lateef-Adebayo.jpgPSI is particularly attractive for visitors from abroad because it showcases so many new products. Numerous promotional products suppliers will be on hand at the start of the year to present their new collections for the coming year, including exclusive product launches. One example are the 50 participants of the PSI FIRST Club, all of whom will unveil their products at PSI. Inventors, too, will provide inspiration international market players can use in their regional business. “We travel for nine hours to attend PSI”, says Lateef Adebayo, CEO of Colouredspaces. Hailing from Nigeria, he’s been coming to PSI for several years now. “The trade show sets the tone for the year”, he says. He uses PSI to keep up with innovative trends and products. “I come to develop new ideas and more creative ways to meet the needs of our constantly changing customers”, says Lateef Adebayo.

All major key players under one roof

Katerina-Shumko_neu.jpgA general rule applies: anyone who visits PSI once will come back at least a second time. Katherina Shumko and her colleagues from the advertising and production agency Karifa will be making the trek to Düsseldorf for what will be the third time already. Nearly 20 hours of pure driving time separate Minsk and Düsseldorf. They’ll use their car to travel the 1,700 kilometres. “PSI is the coolest trade show in Europe when it comes to new products on the market, cooperating with customers, and maintaining and establishing contacts with partners”, says the Belarusian. “Because PSI is new and different every time, visiting again is always worth it.”

PM_PSIMesse2017_Besucher_Fanny-Martin_neu.jpgFanny Martin is one of the most loyal visitors. She’s the managing director of Versopub and lives and works on Mauritius. 2018 will mark her 16th visit to the trade show, and she’ll endure a whopping 13 hours of flying time to cover the 9,390 kilometres in the air between Pailles and Düsseldorf. Not attending the event is out of the question, because when you’re based on Mauritius, trade shows are the only way to get in touch with promotional products providers. PSI is one of the most important dates on her calendar. “It’s the best trade show for meeting all the European suppliers under one roof. This is where trends are presented to the market in a professional and sophisticated form. The biggest European players are here.” She meets her long-time as well as her new partners in Düsseldorf: “For us, PSI is the place to talk about partnerships, mutual benefits and marketing strategies”, she explains.

As a member of the Board of IPPAG, the International Partnership for Premiums & Gifts, it’s even more important for her to participate in the trade show, because one of the three annual membership meetings is held at PSI. And IPPAG is not alone. All the industry’s major international associations, including those from Belgium, Spain and Portugal, Russia, and Poland will present themselves in PSI’s International Area in January. You can’t argue with Fanny Martin: “What’s better than having a face-to-face discussion?”

International matchmaking

Once again in 2018, networking at the trade show will be made ultra-easy by the PSI matchmaking online tool, which can be used ahead of the show to arrange appointments with just the right contacts both on the supplier and the distributor side. Some 300 meetings have already been set up for the upcoming PSI Show, including by international participants. Besides Germany, the front-runners in terms of show preparation include the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and Spain. With just under a month to go until the start of the event, trade show participants from the US, Russia, Indonesia and Macedonia have also made plans for initial meetings already.

About PSI

At PSI, the Leading European Trade Show of the Promotional Products Industry, promotional products professionals gain an overview of the trends and innovations of the industry. In addition, special exhibits and show areas are dedicated to an in-depth look at promotional labelling, printing and finishing technologies, inventions and innovations, and much more. At PSI 2017, 988 exhibitors from 37 countries presented their companies to 18,094 visitors. PSI 2018 will take place in Düsseldorf from Tuesday, 9 January, to Thursday, 11 January.


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