The promotional products industry has voted: Here are the PSI FIRST winners of 2019

29 January 2019
Preisverleihung PSI FIRST Award |

Sustainability, cost savings and durability along with high quality are the top themes permeating the promotional products industry right now, as the PSI FIRST winners of the People’s Choice Award 2019 underscored. From 8 to 10 January 2019, visitors at the leading European trade show of the promotional products industry had a chance to cast their vote for the product they thought has the greatest chances to succeed in the market. The following three product launches reigned supreme as the visitor favourites.

First Place: (muuvi) – Protection against Beer Tent Furniture Sets

Platz-1-muuvi-.jpgThe highest number of votes went to EckArt Design – muuvi with their eponymous product (muuvi). Made from wood, the device protects sensitive flooring against scratching from the metal legs of beer tent furniture sets. The (muuvi) is easy to handle and durable and can easily be finished with individual advertising messages. All these features catapulted this exclusive product launch into first place. In particular, the manufacturer aimed their idea at beverage retailers, breweries, local municipalities and clubs, plus, not least, at end users.

Second Place: MAGIC SCRIPT Writing Tablet

Platz-2-MAGIC-SCRIPT.jpgCreative electronic items as promotional products are currently in extremely high demand. The second-place product won over visitors by combining an analogue writing experience with digital comfort. Presented by Inspirion, the “MAGIC SCRIPT” is a writing device in tablet format. Users can write or draw on it by hand using the included pen. With the touch of a button, the tablet can be returned to its original state. The writing tablet is perfect for use not only at the office but also in personal everyday life. What’s more, it offers plenty of space for the advertising message. Bonus feature: because it replaces short-lived paper notes, it also covers the sustainability trend.

Third Place: Rainbow Engraving

Platz-3-Regenbogengravur.jpgAnda Present won third place with a technological innovation. They introduced rainbow engraving, which hasn’t been deployed in the promotional products industry thus far. The printing technology works well with metal products. It enables colour printing in six different colours without the use of printing inks or other chemicals. Rainbow-engraved prints are an alternative to pad printing and are just as durable as traditional laser engraving.


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