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14 June 2018
Number of the Month | Number of the Month

Number of the Month

Promotional products distributors and manufacturers stay quite busy year-round. Confirming this notion is the latest PSI Industry Barometer, a market study featuring promotional products industry figures published by the PSI Institute. On average, promotional products suppliers and distributors with more than 100 employees each receive 28,057 requests annually. Even smaller companies and microenterprises are well-utilised. Companies with up to 50 employees, for example, receive 15,449 requests; one-man operations handle a whopping 331 requests per year. The average order amount per delivery is about €2,100.

Orders from the automotive industry are particularly frequent. A third of the respondents see the biggest sales potential in this segment. Also ranked among the Top 5 industries with the best business prospects are the financial and insurance industry, retail, the construction sector, and tourism.

About the PSI

The PSI (Promotional Product Service Institute) has been serving the European promotional products industry and its market participants as a service provider and networking platform for over 50 years. Its services support the daily work of 6,000 market participants such as manufacturers, importers, finishers, distributors and agencies. Key services include personalised consultation and product research as well as marketing, professional training, industry contacts and online product search solutions. These services enable our member companies to generate new business and grow their profits long-term.


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