Promising newcomers in the promotional products market: The winners of the PSI FIRST Club 2018

13 February 2018
PSI FIRST 2018 |

The winners of this year’s PSI FIRST Club are innovative, practical and sustainable. From 9 to 11 January, they competed for the affection of promotional products distributors and marketing executives as three of the altogether 50 new products at PSI 2018. Trade show visitors cast their vote to decide which products they would deploy as part of a campaign. Having been selected by the market’s decision-makers, their entry into the promotional products market will be even more promising. Here are the three winning products:

1st Place: ORGA-FLASH NOTE by Vim Solution


The ORGA-FLASH NOTE literally puts haptic and digital features side by side. Vim Solution’s winning product combines USB stick and sticky note. All the surfaces of the binder and the integrated USB stick can be custom-finished. This handy solution won first place. “Already at the trade show, we – because of the great interest in this product – had a very good feeling”, says Bastian Scheil, managing director of Vim Solution. “Winning the award proved our hunch correct, which of course delights us. The fact that we – after having been recognised for our Concrete Power Bank – just received what’s already our second PSI FIRST Award once again reconfirms the work we do. And everyone can look forward to new, trendy and innovative promotional products from Vim Solution in future, too.”

2nd Place: Biodegradable Muesli Cup by JUNG BONBONFABRIK

JUNG_mueslibecher_Quelle-JUNG-Bonbonfabrik.jpgJUNG BONBONFABRIK bet on sustainability with their submission, which earned them a second-place finish. The idea: a high-quality and sustainable muesli cup. Made from brown cardboard, it’s manufactured without the use of pesticides or fertilisers from rapidly regenerating and renewable resources. For that reason, the cup is 100 per cent biodegradable. Turning it into a promotional product is a custom-printable advertising insert with plenty of space for the advertising message. “We are pleased about the positive response of our muesli cup. The success at PSI FIRST 2018 encourages us to offer environmentally friendly product alternatives and thus make a contribution to sustainable development," explains Dennis Dennig, Senior Sales Manager at JUNG BONBONFABRIK.

3rd Place: BIO Loop Handle Bag by Samoa

Samoa-Regenponcho.jpgAt first glance, it’s simply a carrying bag. But upon closer inspection, the third-place product turns out to be a biodegradable organic bag. While bags made from plastics and similar materials heavily contaminate the environment, Samoa offer an eco-friendly, resource-saving alternative with their carrying bags made from maize flour (aka cornstarch). Thanks to a wide range of finishing options, the BIO Loop Handle Bag becomes a sustainable advertising messenger.


For the fifth time already, a total of 50 new products were first introduced to the market as part of the PSI FIRST Club. Submitted products must not be shown anywhere else beforehand. The trade show visitors get to decide the three products they deem most convincing due to their innovative power. The three PSI FIRST winners will be recognised at an exclusive dinner on 20 February.

Platz-1_Vim-Solution_Benjamin-Meyer_Bastian-Scheil_Petra-Lassahn_Michael-Freter.jpg Gruppenfoto_Gewinner-von-PSI-FIRST-2018.jpg Platz-3_JUNG-BONBONFABRIK_Petra-Lassahn_Michael-Freter_Arne-Paul-Bender.jpg
1st Place: Vim Solution (from left Benjamin Meyer, Bastian Scheil, Petra Lassahn, Michael Freter).
PSI FIRST winners: Vim Solution (1st place),  JUNG BONBONFABRIK (2nd place) and Samoa (3rd place (not present)) were awarded with the PSI FIRST Award. The awarding ceremony took place on 20 February in the Düsseldorfer Medienhafen.
2nd place: JUNG BONBONFABRIK (from left: Petra Lassahn, Michael Freter, Arne Paul Bender).


Photo 1: PSI FIRST Products at PSI 2018 (Source: PSI) [jpg | 3 MB]
Photo 2: ORGA-FLASH NOTE by Vim Solution (Source: Vim Solution) [jpg | 1,2 MB]
Photo 3: Biodegradable Muesli Cup by JUNG BONBONFABRIK (Source: JUNG BONBONFABRIK) [jpg | 1,2 MB]
Photo 4: BIO Loop Handle Bag by Samoa (Source: PSI) [jpg | 970 kb]

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