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18 October 2018
Marketing-Programme at PSI | Marketing-Programme at PSI

Marketing-Programme at PSI

Why should marketers deal with the blockchain? Which SEO strategies will be successful in 2019? And when is a brand sexy enough for the POS? From 8 to 10 January, find all the answers at the “World of Advertising and Selling” in Düsseldorf. The heart of the new trade show event, which consolidates the power of the trade shows PSI, viscom and PromoTex Expo, will be the “Marketing Innovations” forum, the place where marketing decision-makers, creative professionals and designers can learn all there is to know about new marketing strategies, merchandising & licensing and advertising at the POS.

Blockchain, SEO and storytelling

Search engine optimisation is an issue just for corporations? Diana Karcz, SEO director of Online Solution Group GmbH, begs to differ. At the “Marketing Innovations” forum, she’ll present the SEO strategies large corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises can use in 2019, addressing, in particular, current developments and to-dos. Dr. Klaus Holthausen, CEO of TEAL AI AG, will explore the impact of the blockchain revolution on marketing. The Swiss company leverages a smart blockchain ecosystem to bring together brands and users without the middleman. Tobias Bartenbach, CEO of the B2B brand communication specialists Bartenbach AG, will explain how “Storytelling through dialogue marketing and haptic advertising” creates a direct line to the customer.

Successful target group outreach

André Mücke will be at the “Marketing Innovations” forum to reveal “The secrets of young target groups”. While he’s there, the managing director of DSA youngstar GmbH, an agency specialising in school marketing, will also spell out how to design a marketing and advertising campaign targeted at children and adolescents. Matthias Ziegenhain will prove that influencer marketing isn’t dead at all. To revitalize the genre, the digital media developer has identified “Identity as a key competence”. And Olaf Hartmann, managing director of the Multisense Institute, will illustrate the concept of multisensory marketing. His presentation is titled “The hangover breakfast after the digital intoxication: effective, meaningful & cross-media”.

Brand communication at the POS

Mark Dieckmann will talk about “New relevance in the market”. The managing director of Schulzbrot GmbH will use the example of the company’s own convenience baking mix for organic bread to demonstrate how a brand becomes sexy enough for the POS. Henning Schmidt, managing director and creative brand director of Brand Identity GmbH, will describe how products should be presented to new dynamic classes of buyers in retail. In his view, “Authenticity is the key to the heart of the new consumer”. Mikaela Ioannou will break down how small and medium-sized enterprises can communicate a modern brand image, too. An expert for social-media and online marketing and a member of the Facebook Small Business Council Germany, she doesn’t mince words: “POS alone isn’t enough”. Presented by the trade magazine creativ verpacken, the three lectures will be packaged together under the heading “The brand at the point of experience and in omnichannel communication”.

Ideas for merchandising & licensing

“Merchandising & Licensing” is always an important marketing playing field, and not just in the context of major events like the FIFA World Cup this summer. That’s why the world of advertising and selling will provide support for marketers as they design and implement concrete projects. For example, they can meet interesting licensors in the “Marketing Innovations” exhibition area and set up appointments in advance by using the three trade shows’ online matchmaking systems. What’s more, they’ll be able to get in touch with licensing agencies and seek the advice of testing institutes and lawyers.

In addition, Eberhard Kübel (TEPAC GmbH) will take part in the presentation programme outlining how to research brands and designs on the Internet in a way that’s reasonable and provides legal certainty. Peter Bichler, managing director of Lizenzwerft GmbH, will specify what a brand must offer for licencing to make sense. And lawyer Tobias Bier (from the law firm BBS Rechtsanwälte) will examine “Legal pitfalls in licencing”.

Adobe & Corel Forum

For the creative professionals among the trade show visitors, a little side trip to Hall 13 is worthwhile. Experts from both software companies will be on hand at the Adobe & Corel Forum to share concrete real-world tips with users. Topics include Adobe Creative Cloud and the best tips for daily professional work with Photoshop and InDesign.


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