New trade show experience for marketers - Europe’s large trade show network for advertising and selling makes its debut

17 May 2018
Trade show network PSI - PromoTex - viscom  | Trade show network PSI - Promotex - viscom

Trade show network PSI - Promotex - viscom

Experience the entire world of advertising and selling in a single trade show visit – at the new B2B event for marketing professionals at the start of the new business year. From 8 to 10 January 2019, three leading industry events will take place concurrently in Düsseldorf for the first time: PSI, viscom and the new PromoTex Expo. Together, the three standalone events represent one of Europe’s largest trade show networks for marketers and advertising experts. More than 1,000 exhibitors and about 25,000 trade visitors from around world are expected to attend.

Sustainability and mass customisation are the top themes

The three trade shows are aimed at bridging the gap between what’s technologically possible and what can be implemented in real-world marketing. The emphasis at PSI will be on Promotion & Sales. PromoTex Expo, meanwhile, will be focussed on Textile Goods & Textile Finishing. And viscom’s core competencies are Signmaking & Large Format Printing. With that, the trade shows will supply marketing and advertising professionals with fresh ideas for all key areas. Even now, it’s already becoming apparent that two trends will influence the activities at the show, in particular: mass customisation and sustainability.

New: PromoTex Expo to explore the potential of textile advertising

The golden rule of the advertising industry states that “money follows eyeballs”. Textile advertising on clothing or bags, for example, doesn’t just strike the eye, it also means ensured long-term customer attention for brands. PromoTex Expo will show marketers and advertisers what’s possible with promotional textiles.

Central at the new International Trade Show for Promotion, Sports and Workwear in Exhibition Hall 13 will be personalisation and sustainable textile production trends and the vast and diverse range of textile finishing options. Creative special exhibits and expert panels covering key industry topics such as smart textiles, fair trade and best practices in corporate design round off the programme, synergistically laying the perfect foundation for lead generation, relationship management and continuing education.

Hall 13, in conjunction with viscom’s new “Textile Finishing Equipment” exhibition area, will become the hotspot for textile promotion and finishing.

viscom – everything visual communication can do

Taking place in Halls 13 and 14, viscom covers everything modern advertising technology can do today and reveals the possibilities of digital printing, even for small businesses. As the annual user show of the international advertising industry, Europe’s Trade Fair for Visual Communication features a comprehensive nomenclature: from large-format and 3-D printing to digital out-of-home solutions to award-worthy POS displays.

One exhibition segment, which should be of special interest to marketers, is dedicated to brand communication at the point of experience. Knowledge forums such as the Best Practice Forum Marketing will use concrete examples to illustrate the trends that are gaining a foothold in the market. With the Superstar Award, viscom also showcases the excellent opportunities that exist to present goods in physical retail. Networking events, including the Packaging Lunch designed to facilitate talks between agencies, designers, brand manufacturers and industry, complete the programme.

PSI presents the latest trends in advertising

The world of promotions is experiencing a paradigm shift at this very moment: in the middle of the digital age, demand for advertising vehicles you can touch is greater than ever before. Consumers, especially millennials, are once again looking for real and multi-sensory experiences that bring brands to life. PSI, Europe’s No. 1 industry platform, doesn’t just offer an abundance of product premieres for marketers and advertisers in Exhibition Halls 9 to 12, it also serves up suggestions for customisation through finishing.

One strong trend currently favours high-quality, durable promotional products from eco-friendly production, according to the findings of the PSI Industry Barometer – a market study of manufacturers, distributors and agencies from the international PSI Network. More than 90 per cent of the surveyed suppliers and distributors now have certified or verifiably sustainable products in their assortments. The winners of the PSI Sustainability Awards will be in Düsseldorf to demonstrate what a sustainable campaign can look like.

Only PSI members and certified agencies will be granted access to the trade show. A membership pays off for marketers and advertising pros, especially if they take care of clients in the automotive industry, the financial and insurance industry, or in retail. These three industries have a particular affinity for promotional products right now, according to the PSI Industry Barometer.


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