Know what’s happening in the market: The findings of the current PSI Industry Barometer

21 September 2017
PSI Industry Barometer 1/2017 (Source: ©phongphan5922) |

The promotional products industry is viewing 2017 with optimism. About one in five distributors and suppliers expect sales to increase in the current business year. That’s the finding of the just-published PSI Industry Barometer 1/2017, one of the most comprehensive market studies for the European promotional products industry.

Twice a year, the PSI Institute publishes assessments of current developments and new trends straight from the industry. In addition to general assessments of the economic climate and sustainability, the most recent issue looked at the CSR reporting mandate for the first time.

Sales are going up

Outlook.JPGAn optimistic mood continues to prevail in the market. Both distributors and suppliers expect sales to increase in the current business year 2017. One in five promotional products suppliers and distributors stated in the survey that they expect an increase of more than 20 per cent. A whopping ten per cent even forecast a plus of 50 per cent.

That means last year’s growth continues. Among distributors and manufacturers alike, the countries with the strongest sales in 2016 included the Netherlands, France and Germany. More than 75 per cent of Dutch suppliers said in the Industry Barometer they sold more than €10 million worth of ballpoint pens, T-shirts and Co. last year. That makes them the industry leaders once more. In France and Germany, one in five manufacturers say they generated sales of more than €10 million.

Sustainability is getting more and more important

Sustainability.JPGSustainability is a topic that’s steadily gaining in significance for the industry. More than 90 per cent of surveyed companies say their assortments already include verifiably sustainable products. It’s already becoming clear that the sustainability trend will get even stronger. For example, 56 per cent of suppliers and 41 per cent of distributors consider sustainability an important or very important topic in the industry. Among the most-used certificates are those providing proof of corporate ethics and product ecology.

While commitment to sustainability is spreading across the industry, there is still a need for clarification regarding the CSR reporting mandate. Since the start of the year, major capital market-oriented companies are required to report standardised, measurable information about the social and environmental impact of their business practices. Only 18 per cent of promotional products manufacturers and twelve per cent of distributors feel sufficiently informed about this rule at this time. This shows that the Industry Barometer is a successful tool for the PSI Institute to assess the knowledge gap in the industry. “In this way, we’re able to respond in targeted ways with our various media and product offerings as well as with personal discussions”, explains PSI managing director Michael Freter. “As the largest industry network in Europe, we take our duty to inform very seriously. That’s why it’s so important that as many companies as possible participate in the surveys.”

The next Industry Barometer will be published in January 2018.

About the PSI Industry Barometer

The PSI Industry Barometer has been published biannually since 2015. It delivers extensive industry statistics and information about current trends while presenting a detailed picture of the mood in the industry. Participating in the PSI Industry Barometer 1/2017 were promotional products consultants, distributors and manufacturers as well as advertising and full-service agencies, service providers, exporters, importers and textile finishers from 30 countries. The Industry Barometer is one of the most comprehensive market studies of the European promotional products industry.

About the PSI

The PSI (Promotional Product Service Institute) has been serving the European promotional products industry and its market participants as a service provider and networking platform for over 50 years. Its services support the daily work of 6,000 market participants such as manufacturers, importers, finishers, distributors and agencies. Key services include personalised consultation and product research as well as marketing, professional training, industry contacts and online product search solutions. These services enable our member companies to generate new business and grow their profits long-term. 


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