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25 July 2019
PSI Sustainability Awards 2019  | PSI Sustainability Awards 2019

PSI Sustainability Awards 2019

  • Anniversary: 74 finalists feature at the 5th PSI Sustainability Awards Ceremony 2019
  • The event kicks off with the second PSI Sustainability Summit
  • Awards Ceremony at Wiesbaden Kurhaus on 6th September

For Clemens Arnold (2bdifferent), Melissa Streif (Warth und Klein Grant Thornton), and Anja Heidbüchel (Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH), the 5th July was entirely dedicated to examining social and ecological initiatives, sustainable products and campaigns, all created by the promotional product industry. For the first time, all three were part of the 7-strong expert jury which met up on the day to prepare for the PSI Sustainability Awards. After the preliminary round of judging, a total of 74 finalists qualified for the next stage, in which they will be competing for the only sustainability prize currently awarded to the promotional product industry, which also happens to be celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. The winners of the competition will be announced in the magnificent surroundings of the Wiesbaden Kurhaus on 6th September. Once again, the PSI Sustainability Summit will provide the prelude to the industry’s sustainability day.

49 companies are fully committed to sustainability

Over a period of many years now, the promotional product industry has demonstrated just how sustainability has become an ever more integral part of its day-to-day business. In fact, it has not just become a watchword for individual products, but also plays a key role in whole campaigns or even entire company structures in the meantime. As Michael Freter, Managing Director of PSI, explains in light of the 117 well-documented prize applications: “The 49 companies participating in this year’s fifth anniversary competition are all taking effective action to help reduce the ecological footprint of our industry”. With the PSI Sustainability Awards, the industry has a powerful platform that highlights that promotional products are not merely throwaway products.

A look at some of the finalists

While recent ideas such as a folding box made using vegan adhesive and organic printing ink, a ballpoint pen made from sugarcane, or a carrier bag smelling of grass have all become established, there are several prominent new products in the running for 2019, of which the “Bullet Journal Modimó” is just one example. The cover of this refillable notebook is produced entirely using recycled industrial-leather offcuts, which would otherwise have been thrown away. The notebook can be used long-term as a diary, travel-companion or calendar thanks to its interchangeable refill pads.

An environmental colouring book published by Wilken is intended to inspire children to become creatively involved with nature and the environment. The idea is that children should start learning about such matters playfully through encountering different everyday situations and corresponding texts. In addition, only environment-friendly materials have been used in the book’s production.

Alongside TFA Dorstmann’s glass drinking straws, a creative alternative to the plastic drinking straw, another submission that has made it to the next round is HYPON’s “Seatowel”. The towel is partially made of recycled PET from the Mediterranean Sea and is intended to reduce the amount of plastic waste found in the sea and on beaches long-term by getting fishermen to hand over their plastic waste. In addition, five percent of the income generated goes towards cleaning the Mediterranean. As Michael Freter says, “These are just a few examples of some of the great submissions we’ve seen”.
A complete list of finalists can be viewed here.

The award sponsors

It was not only our three new jurors who solely devoted the 5th July to sustainability in the promotional product industry. Hugo W. Pettendrup (founder and CEO of HP-FundConsult), Julian Ekelhof (director of CO2OL Climate Solutions), Ville Heimgartner (co-managing director of ImagineCargo GmbH) and designer Lutz Gathmann were also on the jury once again. While the jurors carry out their own personal evaluation of the different social and ecological initiatives, individual products, product sets, lines and campaigns, a background automated scoring system is used to assess the remaining categories. This system automatically awards points for the certificates that have been submitted. The winners of the PSI Sustainability Awards 2019 are determined by adding together the points scored and the jury’s personal evaluations.

Summit and awards ceremony

PSI cordially invites you to the second PSI Sustainability Summit on 6th September. The summit is intended to stimulate fruitful discussion between the promotional product industry and business representatives. Our exclusive venue is the Wiesbaden Kurhaus where the awards ceremony will be conducted after the summit. Tickets for the evening event are still available at a cost of € 99. 2bdifferent is the silver sponsor of Category No. 7.


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