Textile Area with CATWALK

The textiles hall featuring the stunning CATWALK and enthralling models will be located in Hall 10, PSI 2018’s fashion hub.

Textile Area

Significantly expanded, the Textile Area and the Textile Finishing Area – both housed in Hall 10, the “fashion hub” – will showcase everything textiles pros desire, from current developments and trends to the latest printing and finishing machines. In other words, more space for smart and trendy companies and textiles finishers of all stripes. You’re sure to meet your target audience at PSI.

The following exhibitors took part at Textile Area 2017:

  • ABER textil+design
  • Acara Schweiz GmbH
  • Aka Merch & Textil
  • Axel Fleischacker Handelsagentur
  • Böckmann Sport
  • Brother GmbH
  • Club Crawatte
  • Charlie's Corner
  • daus modevertrieb chr
  • Delfina®
  • Festartikel
  • haider marketing
  • MALGRADO fashion & promotion GmbH
  • Moon (Clothing) Ltd
  • Printfield Sp. z.o.o.
  • ROBA & ROBA d.o.o. Ltd.
  • Sournois
  • Sport Böckmann
  • Strothkamp
  • Wilken Textiles
  • Worldtex Buchholz GmbH
  • Zego Textilveredelung
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