01 January 2016


Kibonu… the small tree out of a ball

Above everything seems to be quite normal: a small tree of deep green fans out his natural charm and vital joy. The surprise actually comes from below.  Where you would normally expect a pot, a ball of moss appears. A young plant grows out of the ball of moss becomes a decorative eye-catcher with a high factor of cuteness.

Being available in 10 exotic types e.g. Ginseng, Dragon Tree or Bamboo, the Kibonu is a total new form of an indoor plant. The handmade ball of moss contains a specific mixture of soil as well as a granulate that serves as a water reservoir. This makes the Kibonu easy to care even without having a green thumb. It is sufficient to soak the moss-ball every 6 days by pouring water in the coaster where the Kibonu is placed on. Like this the Kibonu receives all necessary nutrients in order to give long lasting joy.

As a living tree the Kibonu is an individual present as well as an exceptional peace of decoration. Because of his compact appearance it can be easily shipped via any parcel service. Several individual packaging variations let this cute plant become a brand ambassador for the advertising media and create a positive and sustainable image. Last but not least the Kibonu (Ki” = Energy of Life and “bonu” = ball) is to give luck and growing energy to its owner. Who would not be pleased about it?

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