Important advice

Warning: Fraud alert!


It has come to our attention that someone has been contacting our exhibitors across the world by phone and email sending false invoices made to look like Reed Exhibitions invoices and asking our exhibitors to pay into a false bank account number. Please be on the alert for this to avoid being the victim of this fraudulent practise.

Action you can take to safe guard your organisation:

  • Alert your accounts department of this activity
  • Reed Exhibitions Germany only bank with Deutsche Bank Düsseldorf/Germany. Do not pay you invoices to any other banks.
  • If you do receive a false invoice we would appreciate it if you could report this matter urgently us. You can fax +49 211 90191-154 or email ( suspicious invoices or other communications. Should you have any other queries about your account or any other matters regarding your participation at our events please do not hesitate to contact us at +49 211 90191-232/-104.

Also be aware of people who are called "Richard Clark" and "Susanne Perry". These people aren't employees of Reed Exhibitions. Please contact your known salesperson in our company, if you aren't sure.

Expo Guide misleading our exhibitors!

We would like to warn you about the Expo Guide organisation and Mulpor Company S.A.. Expo Guide and Mulpor Company S.A. target companies which they find listed as exhibitors in public trade fair databases.

Expo Guide and Mulpor Company S.A. then offer to list your company in an online database (e.g. The correspondence sent out by Expo Guide and Mulpor Company S.A. is designed to leave a cursory reader with the impression that it has been sent by the trade fair organiser or that they are offering a free entry in an exhibitor list. The letter is accompanied by a form containing the exhibitor's basic details and a request to amend any incorrect details. The reference to the upcoming trade fair suggests that a business relationship has already been established. The fee for entering your details is only shown in the fine print and amounts to EUR 1271 or EUR 1212 per year. Further information for exhibitors who have already mistakenly signed a data entry request can be downloaded from the AUMA organisation.

Reed Exhibitions does not collaborate in any way with Expo Guide or Mulpor Company S.A. and we do not allow this organisation to use our name or our trademark in their correspondence.

We recommend that all our exhibitors exercise great caution in any dealings with this and similar companies. Such companies damage the image and the reputation of the trade fair and exhibition sector.

Here you can find the information about these companies.

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