PSI remains in halls 9-12.
The first-time-event PromoTex Expo is located in hall 13.
The viscom is located in the lower part of hall 13 and in the entire hall 14.
In principle, three entrances (entrance North, entrance North East, and entrance East) can be used.
Direct access to the PSI can be obtained via the entrances North and North-East.
The PromoTex Expo can be reached directly via the entrance North-East.
The viscom can be reached directly via the entrance East.
PSI ticket holders can visit all three trade shows without restrictions at any of the three entrances. PromoTex Expo and viscom ticket holders can only use entrance North-East and entrance East and visit halls 13 and 14 without restrictions. The admission to the PSI show is explicitly checked (entrance North & entrance North-East, transition hall 13 to hall 12)

7 - 9 January 2020 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, Messe Düsseldorf

The reception areas of the promotional products distributors for their customers will be placed at the entrances North and North-East, North-East offers an open area in Hall 12 - BEFORE accessing the PSI. The following areas are available:

Distributor Village at entrance North-East

  • Occupation on all three show days
  • Free stand size choice and design
  • Presentation of own services for visitors to the Merchandising & Licensing Lounge, PromoTex Expo and viscom
  • Addressing industry customers unrestricted on the first two days of the show
  • On the third day of the show invitation of interested and hitherto NOT invited industry customers (e.g. advertising agencies, clubs and more) to the PSI possible

Consultant spots in the entrance North

  • Occupation on the third day of the PSI show

Counter of 4,5 sqm surface in high-quality unit design, customisable with the distributor logo

In accordance with the PSI GTC for suppliers as well as the PSI regulations, exhibitors may generally only communicate price lists with gross price details. The exhibitors may only give their industry customers gross / industry prices. Requests for purchase prices for distributors / consultants must not be answered, since these are the individual contract designs between suppliers and distributors / consultants.

The PSI distributors / consultants can check this information via the individual page for each PSI distributor / consultant within the PSI website (www.psi-messe.com/invitation-industry). Here you can see which customer has already redeemed the invitation code provided. In addition, there are many aids available here, such as a sample invitation text.

  • PSI ticket holders may visit viscom and PromoTex Expo in addition to PSI.
  • PromoTex Expo ticket holders are allowed to visit viscom in addition to PromoTex Expo.
  • viscom ticket holders are allowed to visit viscom and PromoTex Expo.
  • PromoTex Expo and viscom ticket holders are therefore not authorized to enter PSI.

Exceptions: the ticket holders of the PromoTex Expo and / or viscom can be verified in the run-up to the shows or on-site as a promotional products distributor/consultant or they are invited by a PSI distributor or consultant as an industry customer on the third day of the show.

During the PSI the exhibitors have the possibility to scan each badge with an app (dMAS app). In addition, notifications can be recorded, article requests answered or digital media loaded on the visitor’s badge. At the end of each show day, you will receive an e-mail with a personal trade show report. All activities or collected data can be seen here. On Thursday, you have the opportunity to view information and activities of the industry customers who you have invited as well as your own activities. Please note that within the app, only your industry customers company name and personal name will be forwarded.

Each exhibitor or visitor carries a visitor badge, the so-called badge. At first glance, it becomes clear if it is a PSI exhibitor or PSI visitor (split again into PSI Member, Non-Member, Industry customers). Visitors to PromoTex Expo and / or viscom who visit PSI will get a separate PSI Badge with the non-member identification. Furthermore, it is also possible for visitors to PromoTex Expo and viscom to complete a PSI membership after successful verification.

  • around 1,000 exhibitors = PSI suppliers
  • around 18,000 visitors = advertising material distributors (and non-exhibiting suppliers)
  • ticket holders of PromoTex Expo and viscom who have been verified as a promotional products distributor
  • Industry customers - only on the 3rd day of the show, Thursday, 9 January 2020 - who have been invited by a PSI distributor or consultant

PSI members have the opportunity to buy their tickets at the online ticket shop, on-site or to redeem their manufacturer's invitation code online or on-site. Trade visitors who are not yet members of the PSI must first register themselves and then be verified in the PSI Directory. Afterwards you have the opportunity to become a PSI member or to purchase a ticket.

Industry customers may only be invited by the PSI distributors, who have already registered themselves as visitors to the PSI 2020, via an invitation code. The industry customers can then register via the separate PSI industry customer ticket shop or on-site in the separate registration area for industry customers.

Especially from the textile sector of PSI, the desire for an open trade zone has been voiced time and again, which goes beyond the borders of PSI. The new structure serves both sides.

Visitors to the PromoTex Expo will be buyers of promotional textiles as well as buyers for team wear, corporate fashion, home textiles and textile finishing.

By creating its own textile advertising world - the PromoTex Expo - PSI's exclusive character will be strengthened.

The PSI trade show focuses on promotional products and the classic suppliers.

PSI's visit continues to be reserved exclusively for PSI members and verified distributors/agencies.
The exclusive character of PSI is strengthened; the show focuses on promotional products and the classic suppliers.
The space gained through the relocated of textile suppliers will be used for exclusive member areas, such as a “Distributor Village” with special offers. New products and innovations are shown in newly designed areas.

Membership remains.

Benefits of membership:

  • PSI members as well as verified visitors get free access to the PSI show
  • PSI distributors will once again have the opportunity to invite their industry customers to the show on the third day
  • Use of the PSI Product Finder and the Supplier Finder
  • Use of PSI as a network platform for the promotional products industry

Invitation of visitors:

Exhibiting PSI members may continue to invite PSI distributors free of charge. Regardless of where they exhibit (PSI, PromoTex Expo or viscom). viscom and PromoTex Expo exhibitors can invite their customers free of charge, regardless of their position or company. You do not have access to PSI member data.