FAQ for consultants / distributors

09th– 11th January 2018

New show days:
Tuesday, 09th January 2018, 9 am – 6 pm
Wednesday, 10th January 2018, 9 am – 6 pm
Thursday, 11th January 2018, 9 am – 6 pm

PSI consultants, PSI manufacturers and consultants from the PSI Directory who haven’t visited the PSI Show yet. New: industry customers also admitted on Thursday

Only Thursday, because of the explicit wishes of consultants, to ensure that PSI consultants get an undisturbed early overview of the PSI 2017 along with a chance to meet their suppliers.

Via an invitation code provided only to PSI consultants already registered as PSI 2018 visitors.

No, exhibitor can't invite customer industrial.Exhibitor get an invitecode for the consults. 

By visiting the separate ticket shop for PSI industry customers and only by providing the invitation code mentioned above.

At the one hand by visiting an informational website specifically set up for PSI consultants to find out which customers have redeemed their invitation codes. And on the other hand by staying in touch personally with your industry customers as part of an invitation campaign, which should include preparation and follow-up.

By redeeming the invitation code, the industry customer is matched with the respective PSI consultant.

No, it’s entirely up to PSI consultants whether they choose to invite their industry customers to PSI 2018.

First, their visitor badges will carry a distinguishing colour-coded mark as well as the letter “I”. Second, when booking their stands, exhibitors will receive a scanning app they can use to scan visitor badges. Scanning will reveal whether the visitor is an industry customer and which consultant invited this industry customer.

Yes, seeing which consultant invited a particular industry customer is critically important. 

In order to ensure that the exhibitor can coordinate any enquiries received from the industry customer after PSI 2018 and allow consultants to get in touch with their industry customers.

Exhibitors will communicate industry customer pricing.

No, this is prohibited by competition and antitrust laws.

The PSI sales team already informed exhibitors at PSI 2016 about the new target group and associated pricing regulations during the rebooking process. Other exhibitors will be successively informed about the rules associated with industry customers during the sales conversation. Additional notifications will be issued during further talks with exhibitors and again right before the show. What’s more, a written exhibitor guide will be published in cooperation with the GWW trade show task force.

Yes, PSI consultants will be able to book a small meeting counter.

An additional meeting area for PSI consultants and industry customers will be available in front of Hall 9.

Yes, industry customer will use a separate registration area staffed by the PSI.

Yes, but only if they have an invitation code provided by an already registered PSI consultant.

No, industry customers without an invitation code won’t be able to visit the PSI 2018.

Yes, this will be obligatory. No ticket can be booked without providing such consent.

No, due to the data protection law it is not possible. Ideally the consultant follows up the inviation process with his clients.

No. On Thursday, 11th January 2018, PSI information will only be made available to PSI consultants and manufacturers presenting a visitor ticket at the PSI member area in Hall 9.

In the spring of 2015, the PSI Advisory Board asked the PSI to cooperate across all the industry levels united in the GWW umbrella association to develop a model that would enable the targeted and controlled incorporation of professional decision-makers from the industry and the branded-products sector in PSI 2018 as personally invited guests. For the first time, the GWW could contribute and participate creatively.
In order to optimise the most important promotional products shows – Newsweek, Trend and PSI – the GWW founded the trade show task force comprised of manufacturers, brand manufacturers and suppliers, distributors, consultants, and the PSI. In the interest of time, the PSI Show was discussed first. Subsequently, the decision was made that the PSI 2017 ff. should become a central platform reflecting all market participants, including industry.

It was agreed to take special care to ensure the integration of industry happens in accordance with strictly observed rules. Stipulations included that manufacturers must not issue proposals and that sales must be handled only by consultants. It was decided to implement this plan in the context of a customer day. The first two days of the show were to remain open only to consultants; the expansion to include industry customers was to happen on the third day in accordance with the above-mentioned rules.
PSI consultants and manufacturers had already managed to “smuggle” industry customers into the trade show. The structured inclusion of industry customers will bring controlled benefits for the promotional products value chain.

Besides NEWSWEEK, PSI 2018 will be the only promotional products industry event to incorporate industry customers in this controlled way. As such, PSI consultants will for the first time get a chance to actively tip the scales in determining whether industry customers will in future be seen as a part of the value chain or not – and they’ll do so out in the open at PSI 2018.