• 26. - 28. April 2022
  • Messegelände Düsseldorf

November 18, 2021

International Reunion greatly Anticipated

The European promotional products industry will celebrate the long-awaited reunion from 11 to 13 January 2022 at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre. With the PSI Trade Show, the international PSI network offers an order platform as well as inspiration and innovations around current topics.


Meet industry partners, discover product innovations, browse trends and experience inspiration.  On 11 January 2022 the biggest trade show for haptic advertising and incentive products in Europe will open its doors in Düsseldorf. With its approximately 6,000 members PSI (Promotional Product Institute) is the biggest corporate network for the promotional product industry in Europe.

Accomplished re-start after lockdown

The big re-start of the promotional product industry will not only be a product showcase but also a joyful reunion for suppliers, distributors and consultants alike. Already registered at this point in time are 353 exhibitors, 61% of these from abroad. First and foremost producers and importers from Poland, Turkey and the Netherlands, followed closely by exhibitors from Italy, Austria and Spain. There is also good news on the part of visitors: Associations from nearly all European countries, the USA and Canada are enquiring about trade show participation conditions for their members. Experience shows that this is a sign of good visitor attendance.  

Gearing up with a responsible approach

Commenting on the current COVID situation PSI Director Petra Lassahn says: “We have already recommended our members, partners and service providers to gear themselves up for the Vaccinated or Recovered Rule to be on the safe side. So we are well prepared. At the same time, we are convinced that due to the vaccination efforts undertaken by all countries in Europe we will see clear signs of easing again after a peak incidence.” 

Trade show for inspiration and orders

This is of enormous if not existential significance for the sector as a whole. In January experts will scout, test and assess non-seasonal promotional products ordered throughout the year but also especially those high-revenue seasonal items for Easter and summer. Products with possible branding for Easter will be presented by 31 exhibitors while special summer themes will be showcased by 42 exhibitors. Exhibitors also anticipate great demand for multimedia gadgets, which are particularly popular with the young target group. 

Textiles and sustainability 

PSI thrives on haptic experiences, probably even more so in the textile segment. The PSI Textile Campus, in addition to the companies exhibited there, provides an ideal exhibition platform for knowledge transfer and networking revolving around sustainability, corporate fashion, sports and workwear as well as textile personalisation. 


PSI – The International Network of the Promotional Product Industry

PSI 2022 – Leading European Trade Show of the Promotional Products Industry

11 to 13 January 2022, Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre


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