• 26. - 28. April 2022
  • Messegelände Düsseldorf

Focus on core topics and internationality: PSI 2022 remains the leading trade show for the promotional products industry

Today digital, tomorrow a presence trade show again: From 19 to 21 May, the PSI corporate network of the promotional products industry will gather exhibitors and visitors for its first digital industry meeting at the screens of companies in Europe. The next presence trade show will take place from 11 to 13 January 2022 at the Düsseldorf exhibition centre.

Full of confidence and with new concepts, the makers of the largest trade show for the promotional products industry in Europe are starting preparations for the event in Düsseldorf in January 2022. Although, or precisely because, Covid-19 paralysed the entire trade show landscape for over a year, it will quickly flourish again if the general conditions are right. Düsseldorf is convinced of this, which is why all sails are set for the leading trade show in 2022.

The trade show organisers have made intensive use of the time without a new event: With all means of modern communication and the expansion of digital tools, the connection to the market and its participants was not only kept alive, but improved. The visible expression of these efforts will be the first PSI Digital from 19 to 21 May this year.


The highlights of the digital event include a total of 20 hours of programme consisting of lectures, panel discussions and practical forums. The topics range from sustainability, law and marketing to innovations, trends and practical how-tos. Olaf Hartmann, one of the pioneers of multisensory marketing in Germany, will give the keynote speech on "The power of haptic advertising in a digital world". From June, the digital event programme will be supplemented by "Digital Fridays" on every second Friday of the month, so that a total of eight digital events will bridge the time until the next face-to-face event.


In 2022, the presence trade show will also come up with conceptual innovations. In 2019, the "PromoTex Expo" and "viscom" sections were spun off and affiliated respectively. "Due to the Covid break, but also in principle, this has proven not to be in line with the market and suitable for the future. We have talked a lot with the market. A rethink has taken place. Today, reliability, stability but also creativity in implementation are more in demand than ever. This is what the trade show has stood for for 60 years, otherwise you don't last more than half a century as a leading trade show," says Petra Lassahn, the new head of the overall PSI structure, who has been operationally responsible for the trade show since 2018. The consequence of market discussions and analyses is that the trade show sections of PromoTex and viscom will be integrated into the promotional products show. Finishing and printing techniques in the promotional products industry, as well as textiles and merchandising, will thus be an integral part of the show in the future. Many visitors and exhibitors will be pleased about this.


In addition, the network will address the wishes of its members even more than before. In recent years, criticism had arisen because the joint platform of PSI, PromoTex and viscom gave visitors access to the trade show that was previously only open to members. The aim of extending access to include industrial customers was to give more recognition and attention to the promotional products themselves with the world's largest and probably also most beautiful promotional products trade show. However, this intention and the interests of the trade were increasingly difficult to reconcile. Therefore, there will be a return to the rule that industrial customers will only have access to the trade show if they are invited by promotional products distributors or consultants. This will also be backed up by effective control systems. "With this, too, we are clearly steering a course towards reliability and a stable future," says Barbara Leithner, COO at Reed Exhibitions Germany Austria and thus also responsible for the leading trade show for the promotional products industry.


PSI 2022 will therefore focus even more strongly on the needs of exhibitors and visitors. The topic of internationality will also play a major role here. Although the trade show has already held a top position in the trade show industry in the past with a high proportion of exhibitors and visitors, the world will pose new challenges after Covid-19. Petra Lassahn promises: "Last year, effective and comprehensive concepts were developed in cooperation with associations and other trade show companies. These will come into play for our German and international guests, provided special hygiene and admission concepts are still required in January 2021."

The team in Düsseldorf is looking forward to the show in January 2022 with a great deal of confidence and excitement, and everyone is looking forward to seeing long-standing customers, partners and friends again. Since its inception, the event has become more than just a trade show or a network of companies. It is "part of PSI and Reed genetics," says Petra Lassahn, who has been responsible for leading trade shows at Reed for a total of 24 years.