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SDI gifts

1. Golchi 2-in-1 Bottle is the first vacuum insulated, innovative and modern bottle that can carry two drinks simultaneously in any combination of hot and cold at once and furthermore it has other 15 truly creative features hidden inside. This bottle has been designed to ease your drinking process. It has 3 different compartments, 4 different utility modes and temperature markers to mark your cold and hot liquids inside the bottle all available in one bottle. We challenge that it's the last bottle you will ever need.

Golchi is a branded and well known product that has been featured in: Tech Insider, Mail Online, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo and many more. It has raised over 400,000 USD with over 5000 backers on Kickstarter.  

2. Loken Token dual USB flash drive is our innovative and unique USB flash drive that protects any unauthorized access to the digital data stored on the flash drive by a 5-digit mechanical combination code. Loken Token offers superior opportunities of data storage, it is light and great value for money. We consider it a cool flash drive for anyone who wants their flash drive to be more protected then the regular one.. Its hi-tech look offers a lot of gift-giving opportunities.
Furthermore Loken Token has a Micro USB added to it enabling the data transfer onto the portable devices right on the go.

Loken Token has recently been chosen as one of the most innovative products and published in August 2017 (vol. 20) edition of a well-known EPPI (European promotional products industry) magazine.

Characteristics of Loken Token dual USB flash drive are:

• information security – protecting data from access by unauthorized users;
• Micro USB for devices with OTG function;
• hi-tech design.
• Light and portable
• Available in 16 Gb, 32 Gb and 64 Gb capacities

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